This section of the website contains some additional resources for those who are considering taking their first course

Useful Link

  • International Website - This website serves the global dhamma community.


  • Ayana book - European library offering a wide selection of books on Dhamma


  • The Global Pagoda - The largest freespan dome in the world situated in India near Mumbai can accommodate 8,000 students sitting in meditation.


  • Vipassana Research Institute - The principal aim of conducting scientific research into the sources and applications of the Technique. 


  • Pariyatti - Resources about the teachings of the Buddha.


  • Vipassana Books - This new online, non-profit bookstore is the authorised UK distributor of Vipassana Research Institute publications.


  • Vipassana for Prisons - Courses that are conducted from time to time within prisons and other correction environments.


  • Children's Courses - Anapana Meditation is a mental exercise to make the mind healthy and strong.