The centre in Italy

The Meditation Centre

Dhamma Atala Vipassana Centre (the name means "firm or steady in Dhamma"), stands at Lutirano near Marradi, in the province of Florence, although actually closer to Faenza. It is around 400m above sea level in the Apennines of Tuscany-Emilia. It is 35 km from Faenza and 75 km from Florence, and can be reached from the A14 and A1 highways. The centre’s setting is rural, quiet and in a verdant landscape, making an ideal place for meditating. The meditation hall is housed in a wooden building, used exclusively for this purpose.

It’s possible to visit the centre when courses are not running by getting in touch with us beforehand.

Vipassana Meditation Centers

Vipassana meditation centers are not temples in which to perform religious ceremonies. They are not communities in which a member of a sect can live isolated from the rest of the world, following its particular rules.

Vipassana centers are schools in which only one subject is taught: the art of living. In each center a strict discipline is followed that helps to practice and apply Vipassana meditation.

...The practical aspect is of the utmost importance to us. There must be places in society to train the mind, to control it, to purify it: this is what Vipassana offers. And there must be no fear that this technique might convert you to a particular cult, a sect: by going to school, or hospital, or gym, you are not converting to any religion. This must be very clear in the mind of those who wish to come to a center and participate in a course....

(taken from a talk by S.N. Goenka)

Vipassana meditation courses of 10 days' duration are held periodically at the Lutirano centre.