The practice of Vipassana and meditation courses

Vipassana meditation

Vipassana meditation is taught during a ten-day residential course.

Courses involve a very intense programme and take place, for the first nine days, in complete silence. Before the course all participants receive information on the rules, discipline and daily timetable, to create the ideal conditions for learning the technique. The ten-day courses give you the necessary basis to be able to practice meditation daily and integrate it into your own life. The technique is easy to understand and does not involve any rites or rituals; it can be practiced by people of all ages and does not require any particular preparation or previous experience. However, as detailed in the information that people receive when they ask for information on the courses, Vipassana is a highlyserious technique, which involves commitment and hard work and has nothing to do with "strange experiences or journeys", with particular states of pleasure or ecstasy, with altered mental states.

Vipassana offers the possibility of knowing the conditioning and negativities of one's own mind, allowing, over time, the elimination of accumulated tensions, to modify behavior patterns of life that cause suffering. For this participants must enjoy stable mental and physical health, and have the determination to observe the rules, and the discipline to take the experience seriously. Despite the hard work that is done during the courses through observing one's own mind, most participants discover that these retreats let us recover new energy to face everyday life.

Students must enroll in the course they wish to attend. To enroll on a course, follow the steps below.

  1. Carefully read the "Introduction to the Technique" and the "Code of Discipline" that you will be asked to follow during the course.

  2. Completely fill in all sections of the registration form and send it.

  3. Wait for an answer. All correspondence will be sent by e-mail. It may take up to two weeks before you receive a response.

  4. If your application is accepted, confirmation of participation will be requested in order to guarantee a place in the course.