Covid-19 Information

Adjourned January 2022

Courses are open to a limited number of students and servers who meet certain requirements:

  • they must have reinforced green pass (super green pass) certification (have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid) valid for the full period of the stay at the centre.
  • they must follow and apply governmental instructions regarding how to enter Italy from the country of origin, see this
  • they must be able to arrive and leave the centre with their own means of transport or be able to leave by way of a contact who is available to pick you up on the same day in case they develop symptoms.

Each participant will be asked to carefully read the health protocol in force at the centre and to complete and carry a self-declaration form with them; acceptance of these requirements will be essential in order to continue the registration process.

In addition, those who are confirmed on the course must bring sheets and masks.

Until 31 January 2022, the use of respiratory protective equipment is compulsory in all indoor places (including our meditation hall) and in outdoor places.